1. What is RS Studios Privacy Policy?
Our policy is to provide you with the upmost security regarding your transaction. Your payment information is encrypted and stored off site. We will never share/sell your information to any third party.

2. When and how are Headmascots shipped?
Your headmascot will ship within 48 hours; most will ship same day or next day. We use USPS for most ground delivery but may also ship UPS.

3. What if my I have a problem with my Headmascots?
We guarantee that you are satisfied with our product. If not, contact us at service@headmascots.com or by phone at 563-340-7970 and we will replace with new product or refund your purchase price with the return of product.

4. Are Headmascots licensed?
Our products are licensed by the respective universities and a portion of your purchase price goes to support the university's athletic departments. Our products and names are trademarked and protected merchandise.

5. Can Headmascots break?
Our product is a high quality kiln fired ceramic. It is then hand painted and epoxy coated to withstand the outside elements. It is flat on the back with a notch for hanging about anywhere. It is NOT a mask or a toy. Although your headmascot will not break if handled properly, the product can break if dropped on a hard surface.

6. How do I clean my headmascot?
Headmascots may be cleaned if necessary using dish soap and a soft cloth or sponge. If displayed outside with direct exposure to the elements, a coat of clear acrylic spray every 2 to 3 years is recommended to keep your headmascot looking brand new for years.

7. Where is RS Studios, LLC located?
We are located in Quad Cities, USA; on the border of Iowa/Illinois at the bend of the Mississippi River.

8. Are any other Headmascots going to be produced?
We will be offering new Headmascots as they are licensed. Contact us at service@headmascots.com with inquiries.